Our enthusiasm is infectious. We love to serve our clients. And we thrive on the art and science of persuasion. When the difference between success and failure comes down to a game of inches, you deserve a firm who will never hesitate to go the extra mile.


Putting the law to work for you. We view the litigation process as a collection of opportunities, waiting to be unlocked. With a diversity of skills, efficiently applied, we stand ready to work relentlessly on your behalf to mine the facts, law, and practical realities facing your opponent for maximum advantage.


Anyone, anywhere, anytime. We embrace every challenge, and nothing gives us more pride than standing up for our clients. Under exceptionally difficult circumstances, we have proven time and again the value of elite representation. Whatever you’re facing, we will be ready.


Civil Litigation: It’s All We Do

Representing Individuals

You need an attorney. Now what? We understand the unique difficulties that face individuals in need of legal services. You are in a stressful situation, the stakes are high, and yet you have little understanding of the civil litigation process or how to choose an attorney. Rest assured. We are passionate about serving people just like you.

First, we meet with you, wherever you may be, to obtain detailed information about your circumstances. Next, we take the time to develop a detailed and cost-effective strategy that is focused on results. If we are fortunate enough to earn your business, and litigation is actually in your best interests, we will tirelessly advocate on your behalf.

With our unique experience in representing large corporations and individuals in a broad array of state and federal courts, we have a keen appreciation of the dynamics that facilitate the efficient resolution of disputes, no matter who or what you may be facing. Yet, in every case, we prepare from day one for trial to ensure value for our clients.

Representing Businesses

Our business is adapting to yours. We understand that every business is unique. And so is every dispute. We are committed to minimizing the significant disruption inherent in civil litigation while achieving timely and efficient resolutions. To deliver on that commitment, we focus on combining the finest qualities of large and small firms.

Our experience includes representation of small local businesses as well as national banks, loan servicers, automobile and commercial liability insurers, professional service entities, information-technology providers, and federally-chartered corporations. Many of those matters involved evolving legal issues and a high potential for negative publicity and conflict.

As a consequence of our experience, in many different state and federal forums, we have become finely attuned to the nuances and distinctions that lead to a successful result while concurrently safeguarding the client’s public image. Aggressive but tactful. Persistent but economical. Shouldering the burden of litigation so you can get back to work.

Practice Areas

Financial Services
  • Loan origination and servicing
  • Unlawful debt collection practices
  • FCRA, TILA, ECOA, and CCCC violations
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act claims

Consumer Protection
  • Deceptive or false advertising
  • Business and securities fraud
  • Insurance bad faith and coverage disputes
  • Consumer privacy violations
  • Products liability claims

Real Estate
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Quiet title actions
  • Boundary disputes
  • Lien priority and enforcement
  • Commercial landlord-tenant disputes and evictions

  • Breach of contract claims
  • Non-compete agreements and misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment claims
  • Fraud and related business torts


portrait-1-webWho We Are

I founded The Law Firm of Ian T Hicks, LLC, in order to provide elite, responsive legal representation to businesses and individuals in a cost-effective manner.

I obtained my law degree from the University of Denver, where I placed in the top 2% of my graduating class in 2007.

Since graduating, I have focused on civil litigation and appeals in state and federal courts throughout the United States. My practice has concentrated in the areas of consumer protection, financial services, real estate, and commercial litigation.

After representing both plaintiffs and defendants in approximately 200 cases, from small claims court all the way through the US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals—one level below the US Supreme Court—I have obtained a strong working knowledge of the various factors that lead to a successful result.

After taking a long, winding road to law school—a path that ultimately made me a better attorney and person—I came to recognize that I was born to practice law. That is why I enjoy working hard for my clients, appreciate the positive impact I have on them, and constantly labor to enhance the spectrum of skills critical to effective advocacy.



Connect With Us

Sending a written communication does not form an attorney-client relationship.  Do not send confidential or sensitive material through this contact form.  Further, please be aware that each case is different, and results may vary depending upon the factual and legal issues.  You should not rely upon prior results to predict the outcome of your case.